Expanding Access

Offering Accessible Impact

Our mission is to enable everyone to invest in solutions to climate change. 

Using Finite, anyone with $500 can become a sustainable investor in minutes. Our investor community generates measurable climate impact by financing real-world sustainable infrastructure in private markets – investments that were previously reserved for financial institutions and accredited investors.

Contractors installing rooftop solar with a tree in the background.
View of the sun setting behind the Grand Teton with surface water in the foreground.

Measurable Impact

Results > Rhetoric

Global investment into “eco-friendly” investment products is on track to hit $50 trillion by 2025, but has little to show in terms of positive climate outcomes.

The truth is, most widely available green-branded products aren’t designed for impact. They’re designed to manage financial risk, and they don’t provide working capital to support decarbonization efforts.

When you invest with Finite, you don’t have to parse complex rating systems, because you’re actively transitioning American homeowners and businesses to clean power.

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