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Investing with Finite is easy and only takes a few minutes. We can automatically connect with more than 10,000 banks digitally eliminating the need for paperwork.

Answer a few questions and have an account opened in just a few minutes

We integrate with over 10,000 financial institutions to making funding your account easy.

Each of your shares help make clean, solar infrastructure possible.

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Invest in assets typically reserved for institutions and the ultra-wealthy.

Invest like a private equity firm.

Access an actively managed private credit portfolio designed for low volatility, attractive income, and risk-adjusted return.

Open to all, with low minimums and no accreditation requirement.

Access quarterly liquidity opportunities.

Investing in private markets traditionally meant leaving your investment in a private fund for years.

Finite funds offer to repurchase a limited number of outstanding shares every quarter.

Measure the impact of your investment.

Finite offers access to niche sectors in private credit, like residential and commercial solar power development.

When you invest with Finite, you’re providing capital that makes real-world sustainable infrastructure possible, and we’ll show you how much clean power was financed by your investment.

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