Sophisticated investors are allocating to alternatives.

Large institutional investors are already realizing private market benefits:

Source: Preqin, Special Report: The Future of Alternatives 2025, March 2022

Alternatives may help improve portfolio performance.

Portfolio Diversification
Lower Volatility
Higher Yield Potential

Source: CIBC, “Alternatives: How much to allocate?”  Feb. 2021. Illustrative Example.

With Finite, investing in private alternatives is easy.

Finite’s platform lets you invest in assets that were once reserved for institutions and the ultra-wealthy.

It’s as easy as setting up a bank account online and investing in a mutual fund.

Unique Access

Finite offers exposure to assets typically held by ultra wealthy and institutional investors – but with low minimums, zero performance fees, quarterly liquidity, and no accreditation requirements.

Portfolio Diversification

Finite makes it easy to diversify outside of the dated 60/40 portfolio model, creating opportunities for downside protection and stable income with lower market correlation.

It’s more than a feel-good label. Sustainable investing should generate stable, risk-adjusted returns while financing the transition to a net-zero economy. Finite aims to deliver both.

Finite’s custom technology enables your investment into real assets.

The Finite Solar Finance Fund’s Strategy.

Benefit from Finite’s expertise in both fixed income and solar finance.

We actively source and manage private credit assets to help investors capitalize on market inefficiencies, and generate consistent risk-adjusted performance across the solar spectrum.

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Finite’s tech-native platform makes it possible to underwrite and acquire residential solar loans at scale, without losing hundreds of basis points to time-consuming securitizations.

Loans for commercial and industrial solar projects are opaque to industry outsiders. Finite leans on a strong solar track record to acquire C&I loans that boost yield for investors.

Finite makes limited investments in publicly traded securities issued by U.S. solar companies, to capture upside and provide liquidity for opportunistic investing and share redemptions.

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Why Solar?

Utilities keep raising rates while solar power gets cheaper, creating increasingly attractive opportunities in solar finance.


Solar is the fastest-growing source of energy in the U.S. and will account for 46% of new energy capacity in 2022.


Finite was first to market with a platform that acquires solar loans as efficiently as mortgages and auto loans.


Solar loans have a perfected interest in the solar panels, which are usually cash flow positive to homeowners.


Finite’s team scaled one of the nation’s largest solar lenders, bringing clean power to nearly 40,000 homes.


Percentage of investors that plan to increase their allocation to alternatives by 2025

Source: Preqin, Special Report: The Future of Alternatives 2025, March 2022

How Finite Works

Finite blends the simplicity of buying a mutual fund with the climate impact of private investing.

How to Get Started.

Investing with Finite is easy and only takes a few minutes. We can automatically connect with more than 10,000 banks digitally, eliminating the need for physical paperwork required by many private credit funds.

Answer a few questions and open an account in minutes.

Funding your account is simple with over 10k bank integrations.

Your investment makes new solar infrastructure possible.

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*Solar Finance Assets refer to alternative-lending related securities and other investments issued primarily for solar financing, including credit instruments related to the development, purchase or installation of solar energy equipment or the purchase and lease of renewably generated electricity and securities of solar finance companies, specialty finance companies and other solar industry participants (“Solar Finance Assets”).”